The story of the Crivelli Gioielli Jewelry House began in 1970 when its founder, Bruno Crivelli, decided to bring together the passion, the jeweler talent, the knowledge of jewelry knowledge and his vast experience in the field, in what was to become, over the years, the Crivelli brand, namely, a top player in the high-end jewelry industry of diamonds and gemstones.

Due to the savoir-faire over decades and creativity, Crivelli brand is today a landmark in luxury jewelry sector, which is very appreciated for both the unmistakable style "Made in Italy" as for his unique creations. In 2012, he was the winner of Best Italian Jewellery Brand Collection, in the Andreea Palladio International Jewellery Awards.

Crivelli Jewels are made in limited editions only, with, however, a niche segment that consists in making unique pieces.
Made masterfully by the artisan jewelers with an original design, made of fine metals and precious stones, the jewels fascinates not only Crivelli adicionados, but also the buyers worldwide.

The Italian brand redefines the classical style, in its modern manner. The advanced innovative techniques of gold processing, unusual color combinations, sparkling glitter of precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, the perfect finishes and the fascinating textures of the precious materials, position Crivelli Gioielli Jewelry House as a landmark of sophistication and tradition on the international stage.