Founded in Bilbao in 1970 by Damaso Martinez, the Spanish eponymous brand has dominated the luxury jewelry market from the beginning through the sophisticated creations that have managed to combine the classical elements with an innovative design, becoming true works of art.

In 1990, the heirs of the company: Monica, Alberto and Ainhoa took over, and the first step of their strategy was to expand globally, with the participation of the brand for the first time at the prestigious exhibition in Basel.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of the American adventure through the participation of the Damaso Martinez brand at JCK Las Vegas, one of the benchmark events in the jewelry industry.

The prestigious brand of fine jewelry, Damaso Martinez owes its reputation not only to the long tradition, as, especially, to the high quality materials, the predilection for detail, the impeccable finishing and to the diversity that characterizes each collection of the brand.

Each collection impresses, either through the precise cuts or seductive combinations of pink gold and champagne diamonds, or through the natural, fresh, "hippie-style collection" air of the elastic bracelets of gold or through the timeless air of some pieces that can be included in the evergreen jewelry series.

No wonder, therefore, why Damaso Martinez is a name that has earned the trust of not only of celebrities but also of the royal families.

With an extended network, Damaso Martinez is currently present on the most important markets, such as Britain, UAE, France, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, etc., from where this small family company extracts 40% of their turnover.